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To build a profitable business you need to know the key process of creating it. Only a proven way will let you build an online business and get new clients every day.


How many times have you worked hard losing time and money?

How many times did you get stuck with your work because you didn’t know what to do next?

How many times did you spend hours searching the Internet to find the right solution?

How many times did you think I can’t do that?

How many times has technology stopped you from building your business?

Learn how to build your business, grow it strategically, get a large number of responsive buyers to generate 6 figure income with just one launch!

I didn’t expect Rising Star is so impactful. It’s a very intensive 10-week coaching program that gave me an amazing outcome. In the beginning, I was skeptical but a friend of mine recommended me this program to join. I decided to join it and trust the process. Now I feel so happy and proud of myself because I built my own business with solid fundaments to earn big money! I can repeat this process to any other business. It’s designed to step by step in a way to scale it later on! The fantastic thing is it’s a content week program, so you have time to work on it and implement the knowledge. I loved the way Natalia teaches. She’s a real professional teacher. Clear information about what, when, and how to do it! That’s a great value! I also love Natalia’s smile and honesty. She gave me motivation and a kick to get to work too!

I was trying many professions in my life not knowing what to do to earn a real money. After my 8 years of searching my way I finally found Natalia. Now I do what I love. I finally found my way. I work as a chief stew on a luxurious yacht traveling around the world and running my online business at the same time! I created an irresistible offer for young people who want to become a chef stew-like me! After my first launch, I bought a flat to rent in Warsaw in Poland! Now I’m looking for a new flat to buy and rent in Saint Tropez!

I’m so proud of myself because it was my dream to buy some real estate around the world. Now my dream is coming true. I wanted to be financially independent. I wanted to have a job so I can travel around the world. I wanted to do it whenever I want. Moreover, I can repeat the whole process. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Building your own online business is a fantastic idea! How the process would go if you had a proven strategy and support to do it properly? Doing it by yourself will take you ages and take a lot of money. All you need to do it is to put all the puzzles together to start earning money.


To have results you need to:

Know the market and trends, to prepare a better offer

Work on your Super Idea to stand out of the crowd

Get to know your ideal client to communicate better and create an irresistible offer

Create your brand so it’s visible and recognizable

Communicate your message that sells

Learn how to get new clients and how to attract them

Learn how to use technology in online business

Rising Star is an intensive coaching business program where step by step you will build your first and next online business and you will get new clients in just 10 weeks!


In Rising Star you will:

Build a business with solid fundaments within 10 weeks.

Get clear and step-by-step instructions on what and how to do it properly, so you will never feel confused anymore.

Get a proven strategy to build your online business so you won’t miss any important steps

Implement the new knowledge easily and quickly.

Get support to be sure you’re on the right track even if you are stuck and a motivational kick to take the action to create wonderful results.

Do the first and next step in building your own business instead of procrastinating time.

Learn how to build your first and next business without making expensive mistakes.

Do you want to build step by step your online business in a proven process and get new clients by choice not by chance?


Can I join the program if I have an online business already?

Yes! You can! You will learn the whole process so you can improve your business to have a great impact!

Can I join the program if I have an offline business?

Yes! Of course. It’s a great moment of recession when you can shift your offline business to online! Rising Star is designed for people who need to take your offline business online!

What if I don’t have a business yet?

Great! It’s a program where you will build your own business so there’s no need to have one!

What If I’m not a tech person?

No worries! You will get all tutorials you need to build your business.

How does Raising Star work?

You will get the access to content module weekly, the program lasts 10 weeks, every week we will meet online on Coaching Calls. You will get access to a special Facebook group, where you will get accountability. You will have time to learn and implement the knowledge by doing it together!

Is there any payment plan?

There is a payment plan. You can pay in two installments.

What if I will have some questions?

You can ask a question in a private Facebook group to save your time and you can a question during Group Coaching Calls.

Will I have access to the program when it’s finished?

Yes! You will have access to Rising Star for 365 days so you can watch videos and implement the knowledge at your own pace.



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