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Online Business Star
How to generate 10K revenue every month

Welcome to Episode 4 of my podcast Online Business Star.

A high ticket offer is an offer that every entrepreneur should create in the beginning and it’s a great idea to create it as your first offer. Thanks to that you can generate 10K a month even when you have already started. It seems very simple and easy to create. You may think that all you need is to think about the offer. It’s a bit more complex as the client is more demanding. What to focus on to do it in the right way?


Remember to take notes while listening, so you can use them to grow your business faster!


Natalia Ziajka


Meet Natalia Ziajka

I help female entrepreneurs and service-based owners build profitable businesses based on their passion and knowledge through Digital Courses and High Ticket Offers.


My primary focus is on solid fundaments, course creation, and one successful launching. I’m an example of what’s possible for my students when they stay focused on the plan. Through a behind-the-scenes and a candid view, my audience gets to see me in action. I go before them, getting in the trenches, testing, experimenting, making many mistakes, and experiencing incredible wins so that I can teach in detail what truly works. Through a mix of clear and step-by-step instructions, proven processes, and simple formulas, layered with direct feedback and a motivational kick.


I’m my student’s most honest coach and the biggest fan!


What you will learn from this episode: How to generate 10K revenue every month?

    1. Why you need to have the right mindset
    2. Who is your ideal high-ticket client
    3. How to structure your offer
    4. Low-ticket client vs high-ticket client
    5. What can you offer as a high-ticket offer
    6. How to increase the price without losing clients
    7. How to get social proof and testimonials to sell more


Your skills:

    1. You can learn how to create 10K revenue every month
    2. You will learn the difference between an entry offer and a high-ticket offer
    3. You will learn what to do first to generate 10K revenue


Why you should have a High-Ticket Offer?

    1. You will scale your business
    2. You will generate more sales
    3. You will have premium clients
    4. You will become an expert in your niche
    5. You will have more free time


Advice for every entrepreneur:

Create a High-Ticket Offer as your first offer to generate money to invest and grow your business fast.


Episode 4 covers:

Mindset-Why the right mindset is the beginning of abundance

High-Ticket offer-what you should know about creating your offer

Ideal Client-what are the differences between Low and High-Ticket client

Price-how to rise your price without losing clients

Value Ladder-how to draft your value ladder and what to start with first

Social Proof-how to get the social proof and how to use it to sell more


Contact with Natalia:

Website: www.nataliaziajka.com

Instagram: @nataliaziajkacom


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Contact with Natalia:


Facebook Group: 6 Figure Insiders

Website: www.nataliaziajka.com

Facebook: www.fb.com/nataliaziajka

Instagram: www.instagram.com/nataliaziajkacom



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