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How to Launch Your Product and Build an E-mail List (Even if You Are a Beginner!)

What this Step-by-Step Product Launching Map will show you…

How to Launch Your First and Next Product Successfully Even If You Are A Beginner!


5 Tips Which You Will Learn:

  • How to launch your online product successfully using a repetitive system.
  • When to use a video that sells during your launch.
  • When to send an e-mail to your e-mail list.
  • When to present your first offer during launch to get a quick cash flow.
  • How to attract your clients to present them with your High-End Offer and deliver it to them.

About The Author

Natalia Ziajka

Natalia Ziajka has created over 1000 online businesses Teaching Coaches, Speakers, and Service Based Business Owners How To Build a Business and Grow to Impact Millions and Make Millions! She created her online business in a strategic way. Using her own strategy she grew her business and she got new clients without even having her own website yet!

She constantly increases profits of her clients every month!

She created Business Star Formula to help people like you, who want to build your own business based on your knowledge even if you have no idea how to do it properly. She divided it into three different programs: Rising Star, Shining Star, and Big Star Impact. It’s a complex program, where you can build your business, create online products and learn how to launch successfully. The BSF is the effect of what she was looking for years ago. She wants to help you, so you will have all the knowledge in one place with in-depth support and accountability. With all the tech aspects explained and presented to save your time and money. She created a complex program to make your business easier and profitable from the start so you can work less, earn more.

Her clients call her a Business Star Queen. She created over 1000 online businesses with her clients. This is what she teaches in Rising Star. She takes you through the business journey and teaches you how to create your own business. She shares all her knowledge and experience she collected in her 6-year experience. All the knowledge you get is a readymade system that you can use in any niche. No matter what niche you are working in, you can use this process easily. You can replicate it as many times as you wish to build your first and next business.

Here’s what the Top Industry Leaders are saying…

  • I am just starting my adventure with my own business and without a doubt, I cannot imagine starting it without online meetings with Natalia. She knows that she can easily pass on. We worked on my brand  – which I consider today to be one of the basic activities of a starting entrepreneur. I recommend it with all my heart 👍

    Sue Wringley

  • I highly recommend Natalia. I cannot imagine opening a business without the vast knowledge I received from Natalia. Full professionalism, clear messages, consultations in a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you, Natalia, for entering the business world with proper preparation, knowledge, and a specific intention. This will not be the end of our cooperation.

    Sylwia Glazik-Feviq Catering Owner

  • I sincerely recommend business workshops with Natalia. Full professionalism, individual approach, commitment, and invaluable help. I am in the process of rebuilding my brand. So far I have been doing everything in the dark, without consistency, defining the ideal client, archetype, etc. It was only after consulting Natalia that the vision of my language school finally took shape and harmony. There is still a lot of work ahead of me, but at least I finally have stable foundations and an idea for the whole. The only thing left for me to do is put the acquired knowledge into practice and act. I sincerely recommend Workshop – very practical (I knew the theory before, but what if I couldn’t put it into practice), focused only on my company and my needs. WOW!

    Kinga Zieja-School owner

  • Working with Natalia is primarily working with a professional. She is a person focused on what she does, task-oriented, and very effective. She pointed out areas for improvement that I had not thought about before. Conducted a brand audit, helped to develop materials for the advertising campaign so that they aroused the interest of the recipient. I heartily recommend it!

    Elzbieta Knop-Business Coach

  • The Workshop is professional help for me in achieving success. Lots of knowledge is needed to use your potential 100% and motivation to act. Ms. Natalia shares her extensive knowledge and vast experience. Now I have a set goal and I know exactly how to achieve it. Anyone who would like to spread their wings without making unnecessary mistakes should take this Workshop, especially if you want to be successful!

    Christina Frish



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