Are you considering quitting your job and starting your own online business? Do you think this is the only way to use your potential? If you are determined to start your own business, how to leave a job to go “on your own?”

When do I know this is the right time? When is that time to give notice and start your activity?

Before you make a decision, you should ask yourself why you want to run your own business. What is behind this idea?

Why it’s so important to ask yourself this question? Many people want to run their own business because they want to change their current situation not considering the talents or values they have but considering their expectations. Some people expect that they will develop themselves better by starting their own business, some people want to run their own business because they want to earn more money and finally some want to do it because they don’t love their job. Is it a good way of thinking? What can we do before we start our own business? We should take into account our talents and develop them. Go deeper to be successful. If you want to do it, you should get to know yourself. In the beginning, it’s good to make a Belbin test, where you can uncover the strengths and weaknesses, your talents, and a role in a team. The other test is the Gallup test where you can check your talents. You can discover your strengths which can change the direction and change your life. The key is to understand your strengths and talents so you can build a business you love. When you do what you love, you are successful. Not only at running a business but also in everyday life considering a family as well.

As an entrepreneur, you have more duties than an employee. It’s you who has to think of finances in your company. You are a person who is building a team, takes care of taxes or accounting. You also create an offer, product, or service and launch it later on. You need to think of social media as well. One thing is for sure, you will have more duties than an employee. I’m not telling you to scare you, but I want to be sure, you are conscious and taking into consideration running your own business seriously.

Some people choose to run their businesses because they want to have more freedom and feel independent. There is freedom and independence is but not in the beginning. In the beginning, probably you will be a person who works more than your friends. That’s how it is. If you want to do it faster in the right way from the beginning till the end, you can learn how to do it from an online business coach. This way you will go faster and have better results. A proven strategy will move you quickly to your goals. You won’t waste your time and money. You won’t get lost or get a feeling you are stuck and don’t know how to get back on your truck. With a coach, you have real support where you can ask questions or you can get a kick to get some motivation!

Another thing is many people say I don’t know how to create an online business. I can understand it. If you are a freshman in the online world you can feel overwhelmed or frustrated. You may get lost or even lose your motivation seeing all the difficult steps that you have to take. In creating an online business the secret is to have guidance. To use a proven strategy from A-Z. This makes your life so much easier. Straight to your goal. Then everything becomes so crystal clear.

Some people say-“I’ve no idea how to run an online business” or “I know nothing about technology to run my own online business”. New technology can be a real challenge especially if you only know how to turn on a washing machine. If you do it step by step with support everything becomes a piece of cake! All you need is a person how will show you what to do, how to do it, and the most important when to do it. With such guidance, there’s no need to worry about a lack of knowledge. Technology becomes your best friend quickly!

If you seriously are thinking of your own business discovering your talents and strengths is the best way to do it responsibly because you know what you are good at and in what fields you should have support. To run a successful business you go deeper along with your talents not concentrating on your weaknesses. Another thing that you should keep in mind is doing business according to your values. If you know your values it’s much easier to create your business and make decisions.

What is more, you need to take into consideration that you will have more duties as a business owner than an employee has. Technology can be a real nightmare but it can also be your best friend. The key is to have someone who knows how to use it and when to use it. Doing all things step by step properly from the beginning till the end will let you have better results in the end.

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