Natalia Ziajka Summer

I chose this profession because I love helping other female entrepreneurs to build and grow their business to 6 or 7 figures so they can earn more and work less. This is my mission.

Natalia Ziajka – one of the most respected online business trainers, coaches, and NLP Coaches, an Online Course Queen, and the Godmother of many businesses around the world.

In online business coaching practice, she supports female entrepreneurs in building and growing their online business based on their passion, knowledge and skills by online products and automatization using new technology. As a trainer, she conducts training in the field of sales, funnels, and business growth.

# 1 Expert in creating and growing an online business

I help female entrepreneurs from various industries to build their online businesses based on their skills and knowledge, by creating online products using a repeatable sales process. I work with coaches, trainers, freelancers, and people like you who are just taking their first steps in the online world!

#1 Expert in creating online courses and digital products

I created my own 14 online courses and thousands with my clients, such as online course, irresistible offer, workshop, e-book, lead magnet, webinar or automated webinar. My clients call me An Online Course Queen.

#1 Expert in product launch and selling

I cooperate with Top Entrepreneurs and Influencers where I sell their online courses or programs. I have sold the program for $380K in 7 days. I was learning how to sell and started selling in 2004! Observing the changes and practicing new solutions.

Podcast Host

Online Business Star Podcast

The best podcast for busy female entrepreneurs who like high energy to act instead of procrastinating their time to build or grow their online business to earn more and work less!

In Business Is a Game you can listen to interesting stories, case studies, interviews, many tips, and a lot of motivation to help your business grow faster.


I started my first business owner journey while I was a student in 2009! Until today I’m running my business. I helped thousands of women to build and grow their business.


I’m a happy mom since 2016. My daughter was born and my life has changed! Since then I decided to run an online business. I learned how hard it is to combine a role of a mother and an entrepreneur.

My mission, dream, goal, values, and beliefs

My mission is to help the female entrepreneur to build their own online business based on their knowledge and skills by creating online courses and digital products so they can grow the business to get a 6 or 7 figure income all-female entrepreneurs can work anytime, anyplace, be financially independent so they can travel all around the world not worrying about the money, having time and fun with their family.

My real Topic is about the fact that we all have a passion and are experts and most people don’t feel good enough to share it and don’t know how to turn it into an authentic brand. They don’t think it’s valuable enough to get paid for it. I will show you how to get paid and then show you how to get paid to stand your value and transform your entire life. You will have the business and the life you’ve always wanted to have.

My message I help you build and grow your authentic brand based on your passion and things you love doing, to get paid to make an impact in the world, have a lifestyle-friendly business, and travel the world, work less and earn more money.

I believe that you have a real passion, a thing that you love doing. You have life lessons to teach and you have a passion to share with humanity and because of it, you can build a celebrity brand and you can enroll high-quality clients. You can get paid spreading your message to millions and making a massive impact in the world. The best part is, you get to travel the world, have a lifestyle-friendly business and do exactly what you love.

My education

I’ve graduated from 5 fields of studies! The first one is a pharmacy. I have been working as a pharmacist for 10 years. I learned there how to help people, how to listen to them, and understand their challenges. Moreover, I learned how to sell naturally gaining 5 times higher results than the rest of the team. I learned responsibility, precision, working on high pressure, being updated with my knowledge.

My next field is English have I’ve a MA diploma. English was very important for me so I decided to study it. I taught English as a tutor. I knew working in a school is not for me. I started my teaching journey in 2004. I gained my experience how to teach. I use this skill as a business coach and facilitator so everyone knows what to do when to do it how to do it. 90% of my clients get amazing results!

I graduated from University in Opole where I did my first postgraduate studies in oral and written translation. I use my knowledge in editing text, ebooks, or transcription.

Then I graduated from University SWPS in Warsaw where I did my second postgraduate studies-audiovisual translation where I did some dubbing and voiceover for the best Polish audiovisual translators. I taught there how to do professional subtitles.

My coaching career started when I got my diploma in coaching. I learned from Tony Robbins. I use this knowledge to help my clients.

My trainer career is thanks to Kamila Rowinska. I’m a certified trainer. Moreover, I graduated with Master Business Training in Rowinska Business Coaching.

My Story

So for me, my journey begins when I am a 13-year-old. My dad tells me: “Your mother and I are getting a divorce. We don’t love each other anymore. Your mother is moving to Greece.” I create this story that I’m not good enough to be loved and spend time with. I spend all my time proving that I’m lovable. I’m fourteen years old. I skip classes, they what to expel me from school. The headmaster tells me: I believe you can graduate from this school as one of the best! Al I want is approval. Seven months later, I just graduate high school with the second-best result in school. I’m so excited. I come back home, I see a letter. The housing cooperative wants to evict us. I’m staring up into my father’s eyes with tears rolling down on my face like stones, gasping for a breath seeing he’s drunk. The next morning, I wake up. I think: Oh, I get it now! I need to start learning harder to go to work and get my own money!

I get my first job as a pharmacist at MultiPharm. I do my MA in English, I do my first postgraduate studies. I meet my love, a doctor. I hear the diagnosis from my doctor: You will never get pregnant. I cry on my pillow when nobody sees it. The next morning I wake up and I decide to be an entrepreneur. I run my two businesses. I do lots of courses, degrees. I read every book I get my hands on. I get many certificates for entrepreneurs. I realize that business is my passion! My father is proud of me. I get pregnant. I’m as happy as never! My partner’s family hates me because I’m pregnant. They use violence against me. My daughter is born. I’m so happy. It’s a fantastic feeling to be a mom. Two months later my father dies unexpectedly. I dive into learning. I learn online marketing, online course creation, and product launch. I’m very happy. I feel as if I can fly. The next day I’m sitting on the sofa in the living room and my partner says: I’m leaving you. There’s another woman. I’m left alone with a kid in five minutes wondering why thinking of what the heck am I doing wrong?

I look round. Sitting in my condo, looking at my new car, and expensive holidays… On Social Media I see a post. A final call. I’m wondering what the hell am I going to do with my life?

I get it! Entrepreneurship isn’t the answer! I read the post. I see a woman who tells me to change my life and live the life I want! I click on the button. I spend my last few thousand dollars to buy it. I’m watching the first video, then all of a sudden, the process takes me back to thirteen years old. My dad tells me: “Your mother and I are getting a divorce. We don’t love each other anymore. Now I see the truth. I see what is he saying that day. I understand that my parents love me. I start crying. I feel freedom. I feel power and confidence. There comes a moment I want to help people. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to teach them how to turn their passion into a business to earn more and work less. To be financially independent. I created my blueprint. I took my life lessons from my story, of everything I had learned in my life. I was successful in building a business, I wrote a blueprint on how to create a business I was successful in sales, and in launching a new product I wrote a blueprint on how to launch it successfully. I was successful in new tech, I show how to use it to build and grow your business. I started filling out my blueprint on it. Then I created a complex program Online Business Star. I enrolled my first client. I got paid for my experience, knowledge, and my passion for learning.

My whole life has changed. My beliefs changed. I changed. I finally feel that I’m good enough. I found love. My family life changed. I finally found peace with my family. We travel a lot.

The Secrets of Business Growth

Create an online business, an irresistible product, and sell it successfully using Social Media!

My experience and results

I worked for Coaches, Experts, Marketers, and Top Influencers from many countries: France, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

I have 17 years of experience in teaching.

I have 17-year experience in selling, 5 years of experience in product launch.

I created 14 online courses within 12 months.

I got 3 business prizes for my business impact in Poland.

I helped thousands of clients to build and grow their businesses.


Many clients after 4 weeks of our work got over 300% higher revenue!

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