Online Business, Marketing, and Sales JUST GOT WAY EASIER.

I only work with Coaches, Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Service-Based Business Owners who are very motivated to build and scale their business to 6 or 7 figures through high-ticket programs, digital courses, and funnels, and sales hacks in the next 12 months to earn more and work less.

used by the most successful online entrepreneurs.

20 000+

Online Broadcasting Viewers


New Online Businesses Created by Customers

6-7 k

Figure Revenue Earned by My Clients


Business Prizes

My primary focus is on turning your one-million-dollar message into your mission to millions, creating a high-ticket offer that sells like crazy, and making a unique million dollars business that is easily scalable.






More leads, more sales, happy clients,  more money, and more free time.

Make your dreams come true


My partner tells me he is leaving me and our 3-year-old baby I decide to make an informed choice that gives us an exponentially larger income without working harder like a slave every day.

As a mum with a baby in her arms, I build the online empire I was dreaming of.

The 7-figure empire to have freedom, money, and more free time for the family.

By creating my online business based on my passion, message, and skills, I’m 100% sure that I have made the best choice that I could in my life. 

I only work with Entrepreneurs who are very motivated to get 10X results with joy without getting lost or overwhelmed.



The overall global eLearning market is expected to hit

$350 billion by 2025.


There are an estimated 93,000 coach practitioners worldwide

The coaching industry is expected to reach a value of $20B

Worldwide online sales will grow to $6.542 trillion in 2023

In 2021 content creators generating 7-figure revenue from courses went up by 48%

The question is why only 1% of entrepreneurs are successful.


90% of new business owners will fail within 120 days of operation

Why it is so?


They don’t have a crystal clear plan to grow their business, they don’t have the right business model or they don’t know how to create an irresistible offer to stand out of a crowd. They feel overwhelmed and disappointed.

They build their fantastic brands on a desert expecting to be successful.

Create your life-friendly lucrative empire. Increase 10X your income. Create fully automated and predictable income on autopilot


Use your message based on your pain, fatigue, skills, and passion as a part of life.

Start building your future



to become spiritually, emotionally, and financially rich without being time-poor. Create a life that is truly fulfilling and beyond the average.

We can do it TOGETHER

With my Signature Process Online Business Star ®

entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who have dreams and a mission for millions are activated to transform their knowledge and passion into an online empire with a predictable revenue in any economy. By using this process they create their empire from scratch, grow it and scale it to 7 figures by creating an irresistible offer that sells like crazy in any niche.

The coaching industry is estimated to be $20 billion.  The consulting services market is worth $973.67 billion. The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025.

You can 10x your life. You can work all over the world. You can earn more, and work less.  You can have more free time for yourself and your family. You can travel around the world. You can enjoy your life without blaming yourself if you know the right process.

The Online Business Star ® Process has worked for thousands of entrepreneurs who have successfully changed their life by choice, not by accident. To learn more about the process here.




Many women around the world want to start a business but are afraid that they can do it. They have many doubts in their mind. They are scared of failure. They are afraid of what other people say. They are afraid to talk about their dreams openly because they were not permitted to have one.

It’s time to change it.

Share your insight, wit, and experience building an empire and creating an extraordinary life and 10X income for you, your husband, and your family.

Learn the secrets for winning at business, life, and love.

No matter who you are or where you are in life. You are not alone anymore. You are in an empowered community where you can inspire, and get the energy and support to get back on the right track.

Become a Shining Star full of satisfaction, abundance, pride in yourself, and excitement for changes

You deserve to be happy

You deserve to have dreams

You deserve to create your life the way you want

You deserve abundance every day

You deserve to be free

You deserve to have more free time

You deserve to grow

You deserve to be rich

You deserve to have a chance

You deserve to shine

You are good enough to build your empire

You are ready to do it

To make your dreams come true, you need a proven and repeatable process that can save you millions of dollars and your precious time.

Meet Natalia Ziajka

I help female entrepreneurs and service-based owners build profitable businesses based on their passion and knowledge through digital courses that transform peoples’ live using one simple funnel.

My primary focus is on solid fundaments, course creation, and one successful launching funnel. I’m an example of what’s possible for my students when they stay focused on the plan. My audience gets to see me in action through a behind-the-scenes and candid view. I go before them, getting in the trenches, testing, experimenting, making many mistakes, and experiencing incredible wins so that I can teach in detail what truly works. Through a mix of clear and step-by-step instructions, proven processes, and simple formulas, layered with direct feedback and a motivational kick.

I’m my student’s most honest coach and the biggest fan!


I’ve taught thousands of students how to build and scale their businesses from scratch, and they’ve generated 6-7 k figures in sales using the proven process.

Rising Star Formula

Rising Star Formula is a proven step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to build your online business in precise detail.

Online Business Star Live


I go live every Friday. Subscribe to my channel to learn how to start your own business, use my strategy to grow it successfully, so you don’t miss out on videos to help you build your online business.

Online Business Star


Listen to valuable advice and be inspired by me to build and grow your profitable online business whether you have a business or starting one to stay on track.

More about the online business world in:

Fantastic training, I did not think that during the training I would learn so much practical knowledge and tips that I could implement immediately. Natalia is very knowledgeable. You can see that he wants to help you build your own online business. She was very eager to answer everyone’s questions until she got the information on what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Keep it up.

Artur Lenart

Natalia is a professional 🙂 I run a business advising on care specifically for a given person and Natalia has made it clear how to better reach customers 🙂

Aleksandra Gaik

Working with Natalia is primarily working with a professional. She is a person focused on what she does, task-oriented and effective. She pointed out areas for improvement that I had not thought about before.
I heartily recommend it!

Elzbieta Knop

I am just starting my adventure with my own business and without a doubt, I cannot imagine starting it without online meetings with Natalia.Natalia knows that she can easily pass on. Together, we developed the archetype and personality of my brand – which I consider today to be one of the basic activities of a starting entrepreneur. I recommend it with all my heart.


Marta Ojrzenska

Very fruitful work with many details for further action and ideas to implement .. Specifically … and to the goal that is what I value most in cooperation with entrepreneurs … I recommend training with Natalia Ziajka if you plan to develop a dynamic personal brand 💯

Milena Juszczak-Marciniak

Get All Free Online Business Strategies to Grow Your Online Empire

Ideas, Inspiration & Strategies for Building Your Profitable Online Business Successfully.
Get to know me better and the proven processes I have for you. Learn and grow your business by choosing the topics that are currently your highest priority in building or growing your online business.

Get the Product Launch Swipefile

How to Launch Your first and next Product and Build an E-mail List successfully (Even if You Are a Beginner!)

Receive a FREE ONLINE COURSE Highway to Disaster!

Top 6 mistakes you should avoid while building your online empire. Running a business can be complex. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs fail one after the other. Because they ALL make the same mistakes. Learn how to avoid them!

Necessary tools, applications, and widgets to grow your business

Tools, applications, and widgets that are necessary to build and scale your online business faster!

Read the latest blog entries every week

that are full of substantive knowledge and strategies about building a profitable online business and about something I’ve learned in my 17-year experience in the business.

Check Online Business Star Podcast

I sometimes invite to BIG podcast brilliant entrepreneurs or sometimes I have pretty cool people stop by to share their thoughts on building a successful business who share with us their best ways to succeed in the virtual world.

16 Steps Strategy

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets for your long-term success used by the most successful online entrepreneurs.

How to make money on Instagram?🧐

Save this post!🤩

Instagram is a powerful tool where you can create your online business in different ways and make money✅️

Watch the video where I give you 6 ideas from simple to hard ones. I'm sure you will find something for you😍

The most important thing is that by creating your ONLINE PRODUCTS you are creating your personal brand🌍💰

All you need is a strategy on how to start 
I have prepared that for you😎

💬 Comment 'START' to join my program to learn how to START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS where I teach step by step what to do to start creating your online business and make money. You don't need to know what to create yet. I will teach you everything! 😉


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🚀 Unlocking Success: Don't Price Time, Price Results! 💡💰⁣
Let's talk about a game-changing perspective in pricing your offers. 🌟

One of the biggest mistakes is valuing your product based on the time it takes to create a video. Here's the secret sauce: shift your focus from time to results! 🎥✨

🕰️ Time ≠ Value: Pricing solely based on the time invested in crafting a video undervalues your product's impact and results. Your creativity and expertise are worth more than the minutes on the clock!

💼 Price the Results:🔍 Instead of clock-watching, focus on your product's value. What problems does it solve? What transformation does it offer? Price it according to its impact on your customer's life or business.

📈 Elevate Your Worth:💰 Pricing based on results elevates your work's perceived value and positions you as a solution provider. Clients aren't just paying for time but investing in a solution that delivers tangible results.

🌐 Shift the Paradigm: 🔄 It's time to revolutionize how we value creative work. Embrace the mindset that your creations aren't just time-bound but result-driven masterpieces. Reflect on the true worth of your expertise and the transformative power of your product.

Remember, your creativity is priceless, and the impact of your work goes beyond the clock. Price for the value you bring, and watch your success soar! 🚀✨ 

Your Online Business Coach - Natalia🎯💰🌍

Let me know in a comment if you have a problem with pricing your knowledge!

#ValueBasedPricing #CreativityUnleashed #ResultsMatter
Double tap if you relate❤️

This is the freedom and possibilities that online business gives you every day🤩

All you need is your knowledge, passion and experience💰

Follow if you want to learn how to monetize your knowledge, create a digital product and sell it🌍

Your money coach-Natalia🎯💰🌍

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Save this post to stay motivated🫶

Never criticize other people. 

Stay focused. 

Dream and make your dreams come true.

Do it!❤️

Your money coach-Natalia🎯💰🌍

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Hey there overwhelmed entrepreneur — I see you wearing all 🧢 the 🧢 hats 🧢…


I’ve been in your shoes. But today, I’m living proof that you CAN run a highly profitable business and enjoy freedom, flexibility, and financial independence… WITHOUT hustling 24/7.


👉Join my online course called The Million-Dollar Brand Activation.


I’ll hand you the blueprint I used to build a million-dollar empire and help 600+ entrepreneurs launch and scale their thriving businesses. Now it’s YOUR turn! 🚀


You’ll discover…


✅ How to escape burnout and make more money… by working LESS.

✅ How to craft your mission to millions to attract new followers and build relationships.

✅ How to use branding to stand out.

✅ The simple mindset shift to blow the roof off your profits.

✅ The proven formula to turn your stressful small business into a freedom-making, cash-printing machine!


Make no mistake: THIS is how millionaires are made.


The doors are open NOW! Comment “Million” to get the link now 👉


⁣This is your easy-to-implement, no-fluff, proven strategy for creating and enhancing your professional approach with astute strategies as you increase your rates, elevate your financial mindset, and amplify the sense of pleasure you share online:



And now the process is ALL YOURS. ✅


Enroll in The Million-Dollar Brand Activation today (while the doors are open!)


Your money coach-Natalia🎯💰🌍

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Have you ever wondered what sets successful people apart? 🤔⁣

It's not just luck; it's a mindset, a commitment to growth. Here are the three essential habits that high achievers share:

1️⃣ Hunger for Knowledge: 🧠 Successful individuals have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. They devour books, seek mentorship, and continuously feed their curiosity. The quest for wisdom is the fuel that propels them forward.

2️⃣ Punctuality for Training: ⏰ Time is a precious resource, and successful people treat it as such. They don't just show up; they show up on time, especially for training and learning opportunities. Being punctual reflects their dedication and respect for the learning process.

3️⃣ Implementation is Key: 🚀 Knowledge alone isn't enough; implementation is the true game-changer. Successful individuals don't just hoard information; they apply it. They turn learning into action, constantly refining and adapting based on their experiences.

Remember, success isn't reserved for a select few—it's a path anyone can tread. Cultivate a hunger for knowledge, be punctual in your pursuit of growth, and, most importantly, implement what you learn. Combining these three habits is the secret sauce that propels achievers to new heights! 🌟💼✨

Your Online Business Coach - Natalia🎯💰🌍

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This is my happy client who yesterday finished her product launch.

Here's what she did

@niemiecki_z_merkel has 1300 followers

She created a low ticket offer

Her product is 30 days challenge-an email mini course🤩

The strategy we used-to position her as an expert in her niche😎, to test the market, to get testimonials and to create her first funnel🤩

She did the product launch using the strategy she learned.

The aim was to sell 10 online courses

The result was 9 🎯💰🌍

She made 900 euro in 7 days! 

And it was her first time ever. She didn't believe she will sell any...

Comment InstaBiz if you want to learn how to do it🫶

Your money coach-Natalia🎯💰🌍

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🛑 Small biz owner! 

Here's a list of top 5 best tools to create a digital product🫶

Comment: Million to get the link to my new online course The Million-Dollar Brand Activation😍 

Your money coach-Natalia🎯💰🌍

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Your money coach-Natalia🎯💰🌍

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Do you want to start making money online but have no idea what to do?🤔

👉Comment Million to get the link to learn how to start your dream life online business😍

Your money coach-Natalia 🎯💰🌍
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